The (almost) finished icon

Saturday was the second part of the icon workshop, tutored by Ian Knowles. As this was only a two day workshop and not long enough to complete an icon from scratch, the face was marked out from a template using red ochre powder. Each person then made the egg tempera paint from egg emulsion & ground pigment. The focus was on rendering the image by building up layers of tone & colour.
Here is the painting of the first few layers that I completed last week:

Below are the subsequent stages as the face began to emerge.

These are the group’s finished icons (mine’s the one in the centre). I found it fascinating how they all began from the same few inital markings and yet, seemed to have developed their own expressions & individuality.

For anyone who missed it before, here is the link to Ian’s website, Elias Icons, where his beautiful work can be seen.

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One Response to The (almost) finished icon

  1. cococita says:

    I am really impressed Erica! Thank you for sharing the making of … Wishing you wonderful summer holidays! Hope you are having a great time in France … and that the sun is shining brightly … x

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