French Sunshine & Pears

I have been lucky enough to be in Cannes in the south of France for the past week or so & it has been wonderful to escape the current freezing conditions in the UK. It was only when I began to physically relax in the relative warmth that I noticed how much my body had been tensed up, bracing itself against the extreme British chill. The French have all been complaining about the unseasonable weather, but for us Brits, it is so wonderful to go outside without a coat & one morning we even had breakfast out on the balcony!

CannesPhone 043My intention was to produce one small, quick drawing or watercolour sketch each morning before breakfast. I love the lines of this chair, the curves & reflection of light in the edge of the table.

CannesPhone 014 (2)

I really enjoy drawing using ball pen & it is a medium that is almost always readily available.

CannesPhone 015

I chose to draw the pears using one continuous line. This is a great technique & I love the effect that is achieved. It also enables you to spend more time looking at the subject & less looking at the drawing you are making.  This means that the brain has more information & a greater understanding of the composition before the hand transfers the marks to the paper.

CannesPhone 017

I then began to add colour, trying to depict the gold & russet of the pears. I loved they way the colours merged on the paper, creating new colours where the washes overlapped.

CannesPhone 020

Here is the finished sketch & over all, I was quite pleased with the effect – not a bad effort for before breakfast!

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