Garden watercolour warm-up sketch

The UK has waited so long for the spring to arrive & now it has it’s almost time for summer. I wait every year for these magnificent irises to open, checking their progress every day. Now they’re open & displaying their splendour in the sunlight!

Irises 045

There are two types of bearded iris in the garden, but these blue ones are always the first to flower.

Irises 050

Here is my work station set up. I now just have to avoid getting grass clippings mixed in with the paints – not a good effect!

Irises 052I first used a water soluble fine liner to mark out my drawing – trying to keep the marks loose & fluid. A little oil pastel resist was added for the stamens. Then I began to soften the lines of the drawing using plain water & very dilute paint.

Irises 058

Finally, I got to my favourite part – the soft, overblown flowers themselves. I just feel that watercolour is so sympathetic to this subject – the way the colours run & bleed into one another perfectly reflecting the soft blousiness of the blooms.

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3 Responses to Garden watercolour warm-up sketch

  1. Janet Higgins says:

    Really beautiful! Your use of watercolours is perfect for that subject. Very fresh and immediate.

  2. gemblina says:

    Wow! These are beautiful! 🙂
    Painting certainly soothes the soul.

  3. says:

    Such a lovely watercolor, beautiful!

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