Interview with Laura Boswell – print maker (1)

I recently wrote about the wonderful Japanese woodblock print workshop taught by Laura Boswell that I attended. In the week following the workshop Laura was the artist in residence at Nature in Art, a few miles from my home in Gloucestershire. During this time, she was kind enough to consent to be the subject (or victim!) of my first attempt a interviewing someone for this blog. Here is the first part:


Laura Boswell – Japanese woodblock

The print above is from the woodblock that Laura cut during her residency at Nature in Art.

Listen to the second part of this interview by clicking here.

If you enjoyed this post, you might enjoy this post about Laura’s Japanese woodblock workshop that I attended.

Here is a link to Laura’s website, where more of her beautiful prints can be seen:

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One Response to Interview with Laura Boswell – print maker (1)

  1. cococita says:

    Thank you so much for sharing the first part of this interview Erica! Really can’t wait to hear the sequel: it’s so nice to get to know more about this fantastic lady and her projects. How I love her voice and her particular accent. I’ll try to come over to the UK in autumn, together with my dearest, as this also makes me miss your beautiful country!

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