Giant cat in Cannes; the art of Serge Van de Put

‘The mutation of an everyday object into an art substance.’

France(Aug) 190

This giant cat & several large apes were hanging out by the port in Cannes, just a stones throw from the sea (you can see the yachts in the background of this photo). The cat in particular was rather scary…… & enormous!

The sculptures are the work of Serge Van de Put, a Belgian artist, with a background in advertising. He was inspired during a trip to Africa by the ability of the people living there to give new life to worn out tyres. This transformation saw the tyres reborn as shoes, buckets & other useful objects. The photo below shows the tread of the tyres & gives an indication of the huge scale of this sculpture. It also gives a sense of how the artist has used the pliable nature of the material to create the form.

France(Aug) 192

 A little further along the edge of the port was this cage with its pair of captives.

France(Aug) 194

I thought the shredding of the tyres created an interesting texture on the figure belowFrance(Aug) 195

& here is a close up of the face of the larger figureFrance(Aug) 197

Chained to the outside of the cage was the final imposing figure below

France(Aug) 198

Here is a link to a video of Serge’s work on display in the beautiful setting of Chateau de La Napoule just to the west of Cannes.

The exhibition is on for only a few more days, but more of Serge’s work can be viewed on his website:  I particularly loved the fly on the home page of this site!

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