Pomegranates – an Inktense demonstration

Here is a video demonstration I made using Derwent Inktense blocks. I am really excited by the effects they can achieve, especially, the beautiful, vibrant colours that appear once water is added!

I’m really interested to hear your opinions, particularly if you have used Inktense yourself & would love you to leave a comment below.

Here is a link to the blocks if you would like more product information: Derwent Inktense Block 12 Tin  (this is an affiliate link)

The Watercolour Journals now has it’s own Facebook group where you can get helpful tips, post your work & comment on the work of others – we’d love you to join us! Click here

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2 Responses to Pomegranates – an Inktense demonstration

  1. cococita says:

    Dearest Erica, thanks you so much for sharing! I still feel very grateful for these precious art tools you gave me and the more I see you demonstrating their potential, the more I’d love to take a course dedicated to them. I am so impressed by the way you bring to life some lines on paper. Love the effect of the candle wax and how adding water does miracles on the level of perspective. A pity that I didn’t take them with me to France this time, but next time I will, that’s for sure! Much love, moi x

  2. Janet Higgins says:

    Hi Erica,
    I love watching you do a demonstration – I’m holding my breath waiting for the next bit. Also I think it is good to have the finished painting on the screen just below the demo so that we can see where you are taking it. I learn a lot from your demos. The finished picture is so “pomegranate-ish” – the colours are just right and the knobbly-ness and hardness of the fruit makes it unmistakeably a pomegranate.
    Please give more demos on Inktense – I need to practise more with mine; sometimes they can seem too intense after watercolours.
    Love from Janet

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