Thoughts on Creativity

I have a contribution published over on my friend Alison’s website today. It’s about the influence that creativity has in my life. There’s also lots of other interesting information on health & lifestyle, including examples of Alison’s artwork.

L'entente Cordiale Autumn 2008 commissioned and  bought by Marc!  Merci Marc,  Bises Alison

L’entente Cordiale, 2008, Alison Devaux

This painting was commissioned by the “Association L’entente Cordiale” in Marseille France. It represents the famous treaty between Great Britain and France signed in 1904 when the two countrie became allies. The powerful images of the Eiffel Tower and Big Ben are represented on the woman’s bodice. The hair on the painting resembles the famous “Marianne” which is the emblem of the French Republic. The colours chosen are the official flag colours of both countries and the designs of both flags are found on the painting. The heart represents the new found “love” between the two nations. Alison has used a variation of this design for the logo on her website.
Alison’s website is called Feel Good After Fifty & you can view by clicking here.

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  1. Interesting looking back on this following recent events in November 2015

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