J.M.W. Turner & Llanstephan Castle

Following on from my last post, I can reveal that the artist who had been inspired to paint Llansteffan was J.M.W. Turner. Turner is an artist who I have the greatest admiration for, not only for his exquisitely beautiful work, but also his revolutionary approach to painting, especially in watercolour.

The painting below was made around 1795 & is entitled “Llanstephan Castle by Moonlight, with a Kiln in the Foreground”.  This contrasting of Medieval ruins with modern industry became a regular theme in Turner’s subsequent work. Turner also made a number of pencil sketches of the Tywi estuary at Llansteffan during a later visit in 1798. The painting also explores one of Turner’s other preoccupations; light. The subjects are lit by both moon & fire light.

It is interesting to note the Anglicisation of the place name from the Welsh ‘Llansteffan’ into ‘Llanstephan’.

Llanstephan Castle by Moonlight, with a Kiln in the Foreground 1795-6 by Joseph Mallord William Turner 1775-1851Llanstephan Castle, CamarthenshireI think the tide was in when Turner was painting & there was a bit more activity on the beach than the day I took this photo!

Below is a link to the excellent Phaidon series book on Turner, that I can recommend if you are interested to discover more of the work of this ground breaking artist. All the Phaidon books I have in my collection contain beautiful reproductions of the art works & the series is both excellent & inexpensive.

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