Sunflowers in January

This is a painting of sunflowers that I have been working on for some time. It’s by far the largest still life watercolour that I’ve ever attempted, measuring 23″x 33″. I also tried to in a new way for me, not planning what I wanted the finished painting to look like, but letting it evolve naturally. Although I didn’t plan it as a whole, I did spend a lot of time waiting for the direction of the next stage to make itself known to me (sorry if this sounds a bit strange!) It was an interesting experiment, but I think I have more work to do on letting go of the control of the process if I want to develop this way of working.

The pictures below show the stages & I hope will give some indication of the size of the work – some also include my feet standing on a chair to take the photos!

IMG_20130927_201344 IMG_20130928_011600 IMG_20130929_000444 IMG_20130929_192128 IMG_20130929_222409 IMG_20131004_013148IMG_20131203_180625 sunflowers and pomegranates,loose watercolour sunflowers,Erica Lowe,loose watercolour flower painting,loose watercolor flower painting,sunflower loose watercolor painting

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2 Responses to Sunflowers in January

  1. Janet Higgins says:

    A lovely colourful picture and your pomegranates are brilliant.
    Love from Janet

  2. Thanks so much for taking the time to photograph all the stages of your watercolour to show us. One never knows where to start unless guidance is given

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