Beginning by drawing the eyes

This is the first sketch for a new portrait I have planned. Sometimes I make a sketch of the whole composition before I begin, but I felt that I just wanted to  begin by trying out the drawing techniques I will use. I’m going to use ball pen & also watercolour in this piece.

Erica Lowe,drawing eyes,ball pen drawing,mata hari,mata hari drawing

I always begin a portrait by drawing the eyes & build the rest of the face around them. For me the eyes are usually the focus of a portrait.


If you would like to improve your drawing skills please click here for more information about my Exploring Drawing course – it’s perfect for both beginners & those who just want to brush up their skills!

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One Response to Beginning by drawing the eyes

  1. Yes thanks Erica. I find eyes can be very difficult – especially as they are the main part which captures someone’s character and if you get it wrong can look like they have a deformation in some way.

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