Mata Hari and Datura

I’ve been working on the portrait that I was making sketches for a couple of weeks ago; the subject is the exotic dancer Mata Hari. Steady progress is being made, but I have to admit that the going is slow, especially, when using a ball point pen to make such a detailed drawing on A1 paper! I need to smooth the tone transitions in some areas and complete the shading on the left side of the face. As this is the side in the light, hopefully, it won’t take so long as the right.

Erica Lowe, Mata Hari drawingI’ve also been giving some thought to the motifs for the background/border for the piece. As is well known, Mata Hari was executed by firing squad in France 1917 after being found guilty of being a double agent and spying for Germany. Bearing this in mind, I have chosen the plant Datura, representative of “deceitful charms”, which I felt was good match for this alluring and yet duplicitous woman.

Below is a quick watercolour sketch of a Datura flower.

Erica Lowe, loose watercolour,flower painting,Datura painting

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  1. Very informative – Thank you

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